Covid-19 Response

The protocols outlined below are based on the guidance set by local and national dental and health institutions. These practices are intended to ensure our staff and customers take the utmost precaution when providing and receiving dental treatments.

Contactless Check-In

When you arrive at your dental appointment, just check-in from your phone. There are no forms to fill out or ID's to present.

Social Distancing

Our booking platform enables one customer appointment at a time in one-hour intervals. That means there's no waiting around with other customers in the lobby or the dental treatment area.


In an effort to promote the circulation of clean air, including our lobby, exam rooms, and restrooms - we recently have air filtration systems in each common area.


We use sterilized equipment with each new patient. All exam areas and chairs are thoroughly sanitized before and after every customer.

Staff and Customer Safety

Our entire staff is fully vaccinated and wears masks throughout the day. Our dental staff has extra layers of PPE that is used during exams and treatments. To ensure the safety of our community we require all customers to wear a face covering during the appointment, unless receiving X-rays, checkups or other preventative treatment.