How it works

Rinse is primary care for dental. We use technology to make preventive and cosmetic dental care easy to book, affordable, and way more effective.

Step 1

Book Online

You can book your treatment instantly online and complete your profile in seconds. No phone tag, no clip boards, just easy!

Step 2

Come in and Relax

Dental shouldn't be scary! We've ditched the needles, drills, and all that anxiety to provide a simple, relaxing experience.

Step 3

Get your personalized online exam

Using your x-rays, intra-oral images, and a whole lot of other data we collect during your visit, we build a more comprehensive and personalized point of view of your smile that you can review online.

Step 4

Receive Concierge Care

Rinse is designed to keep you from the dentist and their drill, but in the event we recommend treatment, we'll help coordinate your care with your and any one of our amazing 5-star dentist or dental specialists.