About us

tldr; We combine science, tech and hospitality to make your routine mouth care easy, awesome, and way more effective.

We get it... going to the dentist kinda sucks, and if you dig a little deeper you’ll start to understand why. It's a fragmented industry full of antiquated tech, outdated science, and financial incentives that bias dentists towards that expensive (and painful) treatment we’d all rather avoid.

At Rinse, we’re not interested in an incrementally better approach to dentistry... we're on a mission to remake it. From a state of the art, judgement free studio experience to the highest standards of care, we're committed to helping you prevent otherwise preventable issues. We call this -- modern mouth care.

What can you expect as a Rinse patient?

  • Online booking for every visit (not just your first)
  • Modern science and tech, like 3D x-rays and digital imaging
  • An amazing in-studio experience with noise cancelling headphones and most major streaming services
  • Personalized, preventive care...because crowns and root canals suck tbh
  • Free 30-min professional whitening with every cleaning

The Team

Dr. Joshua Kriegstein

Managing Dentist | Care Lead

Dr. Kriegstein (aka Dr. Josh) leads the clinical team at Rinse. A dental nerd at heart, Dr. Josh is incredibly passionate about prevention and using leading edge tech and techniques to help improve his patients oral health.

Prior to Rinse, Dr. Josh has spent the last 6 years refining his craft at several top-rated Bay Area dental practices, including Marina Grins Dental, the Glen Dental in San Jose, and Wardany Dentistry in San Francisco. Dr. Josh graduated Western University's College of Dentistry, a top-tier SoCal dental school celebrated for its balance of dental theory and clinic-focused practical application.

Casey Harlin


Casey is a former engineer and healthcare exec that, prior to Rinse, spent 8 years as Vice President of Product and Customer Experience at Delta Dental. He understands the industry and its issues better than anyone. In 2021, Casey started Rinse with an ambitious goal - to reimagine how an industry cares for its patients.

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