Rinse Memberships are designed to offer affordable, modern mouth care without the limitations and exclusions of traditional dental plans.

Unlimited modern mouth care with or without insurance
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Memberships for uninsured patients

Fresh Essentials

exclusively for uninsured patients
Unlimited routine care including cleanings, whitenings, exam and x-rays.
per month
Unlimited Cleanings and Flouride
Unlimited Whitenings
Unlimited Dental exams
Unlimited X-rays
Fresh Essentials is not insurance

Fresh Premium

for everyone, with or without insurance
This isn't insurance but it is everything you need to get and stay healthy.
per month
Everything in Fresh Essentials, plus:
Unlimited Gum Care, including Deep Cleanings
Unlimited Cavity Care, including Composite Fillings
50% Crowns, Onlays, and Extractions
$149 Nightguards & Retainers
$3499 SureSmile® Clear Aligners
Fresh Premium is not insurance

Membership Details

  • Every Rinse Membership starts with an included comprehensive dental exam and x-rays
  • Treatment type and frequency will be determined by your dentist
  • To avoid discomfort and in the best interest of your oral health, additional treatment may be required prior to a cleaning or teeth whitening
  • Treatment that requires a referral to a dental specialist or dentist not affiliated with Rinse Dental are excluded
  • Memberships require a 1 year commitment and include a 30-day money back guarantee
Additional details can be found in the Common Questions below.

Common Questions

Account & Membership

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In-Studio Care

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